Productivity Is Less About Time Management Than It Is About Mind Management

Productivity Is Less About Time Management Than It Is About Mind Management

Ever feel like you’re wasting more time tweaking your time management tools than actually doing things? We know we have. Friend of Lifehacker and author of Design for Hackers David Kadavy succinctly articulates the problem.

Productivity is less about time management than it is about mind management.

Simple, straightforward and totally true. The idea applies to just about anything we do that’s more parts procrastination than getting things done. Time is static, and you can’t really do much to manage it. Your mind, on the other hand… that thing can really wander.



  • The comments couldnt be more true. Its our minds that wander , not time which wanders.Setting time limits on the use of time management tools is essential. Otherwise, what happens went we ask ourselves what did I do today”just reorgansied my time management system for tomorrow!”. I think of it this way ( and I haven’t mastered it) the tools are as an assistant not an anchor, once we use them like an anchor , itstime to throw them overboard.

  • I have this problem, forever trying to find better/easier ways to master my work load, if i just spend the time doing my work instead of searching for shortcuts/mental aids. My work load would be smaller. It’s another form of procrastinating.
    I’m going to follow another post from life hacker (The Weekly Review: By Alan Henry) And incorporate my searching/reading about alternative plans into that.

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