Practise Success And Failure Amnesia

Practise Success And Failure Amnesia

Whether you’re prone to bask in glory or wallow in defeat, venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar suggests practising success and failure amnesia.

Forget that you succeeded. Forgive and forget that you failed. Learn from both and move on fast. Failure can be a patient teacher — it’s often a learnable event. Success can lead to signal and pattern blindness. The greatest achievers I have met are grounded and focused. They practice success amnesia. The faster we forget the twins of success and failure and focus on only creating value the faster the engines of achievement can carry you forward.

Success Amnesia [Shervin]


  • Not sure I agree with this one – I think people have a tendency to beat themselves up about their failures, so they need to be forgotten. But success?

  • Yeah success I find is worse than failure for stopping productivity. Imagine you made a looooooooooot of money, say in books, movies, tv shows, music, games, websites etc then seeing AAA quality release after release hitting the big screens all over a period of like 2 years and websites that are in the top 1000…. I dunno I just sit here like wow, i’m fucking awesome. I found my amibition has been replaced with a content lazyness, having changed the world already, what else is there to do? I guess change the world again. For like the 100th time lol

  • What worked yesterday may not work today. That’s what they mean by patterns. Rather than doing what worked yesterday, pretend you don’t know what worked yesterday, and come up with the best idea that you can about what will work today. That may be the same thing, or may not be.

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