Pig Toolbox Adds Gestures Controls And More To Chrome

Chrome: Pig Toolbox is a Chrome extension that features a bunch of different functions all rolled into one simple extension. It includes mouse gestures, a collection of YouTube-related tools, an automatic Google Mail checker and more.

As the name implies, Pig Toolbox is a collection of tools that all exist inside of one single extension so you don't have to have a bunch of different extensions filling up your toolbar. On top of the features mentioned above, Pig Toolbox also lets you configure a number of contextual shortcuts, take screenshots, create blocklists and plenty more. A number of the functions are Windows-only, but if Pig Toolbox happens to have features you use regularly, it's worth checking out. Find the full list of everything in the toolbox on the Chrome Web Store.

Pig Toolbox [Chrome Web Store via Techdows]


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