Open A Chain Lock With A Piece Of String

Ever stumbled back to a hotel room only to realise your roommates have already gone to bed and put the chain lock on the door? When no amount of knocking can get you in, you can release that chain lock with a piece of string or floss.

You need about a metre of string for this to work. Start by looping one end of the string and then open the door as much as you can. Loop the string around the chain with your fingers. Pull the other end of the string over the top of the door frame and unlock the door. You can also use the previously mentioned rubber-band method, or if it's a barlock, you can use an envelope. As always, this isn't about breaking into someone else's room but a good way to get into your own when you're locked out. Hit up Secrets from the Yumiverse for a handy infographic walking you through each method.

How to Open a Door Chain Lock or Bar Latch from the Outside [Secrets from the Yumiverse]


    OK.. First this guy is obviously pretending to be a burglar because he's wearing gloves...this is a demo so why is he even wearing them..?
    Secondly... this has been shown at least three times in the last year on once again...why..?

    Yeah... If someone's having a heart attack, I'm just going to kick that door in ok..

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