NSS Is An Acronym We Should All Use More Often

Online conversation is riddled with acronyms (LOL, ROFL, BRB and so forth). Here's one I plan to use much more often when confronting the bleeding obvious: NSS.

NSS stands for "No Shit, Sherlock", a phrase which could definitely be employed in many online contexts. Just as long as we don't confuse it with RSS, everything should be fine and dandy.

[via ABC Ballarat]

Picture by Elliott Brown


    Is that a picture of Sherlock Holmes? ;)

    Pretty sure the guy in the back there is Tom Cruise.

      haha! nice.

    Can't say I agree with encouraging people to speak rudely to each other. Even if someone has wasted your time by saying something bleedingly obvious, responding with disrespect is unlikely to improve the situation.

    Brent - NSS

    Just what we need: more stupid acronyms.

    Sorry, let me rephrase that: JWWN: MSA.

    Here's me thinking it was "never shag sheep ".

    I personally like, "How do you do it Holmes ".
    I know not as effective.

    Just a technical point here. NSS is not an acronym it is an initialization. Acronyms are groups of letters that are pronounced as a word. So LOL, BRB and ROFL are not acronyms but QANTAS or NASA are.

      It depends how you say these things... L-O-L = initialisation, 'Lawl' = acronym

      likewise with ROFL, pronounced 'roffel'

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