No Australian Galaxy S III Launch Plans Yet

Samsung's Galaxy S II is the most popular Android phone in Australia, so it's not surprising that interest in its successor is high. Disappointingly, however, Samsung hasn't got any official launch plans for the Galaxy S III in Australia yet.

As Alex over at Gizmodo reports (fresh from live-blogging today's London launch event), Samsung has not set a launch date in Australia for the phone. The 3G version will launch on May 29 in Europe, and it seems safe to assume that grey importers such as Expansys and Kogan will be selling it to Australians soon after that. But for an "official" local version (or one supporting Australia's 4G spectrum), it looks like we're going to have to wait a while.

Exclusive: Galaxy S III In Australia: ‘No Plans’ At This Time [Gizmodo]


    I actually prefer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus over the Sx series. I prefer vanilla Android, and I like the aesthetic of the Nexus. I'm still a year off upgrading from my current plan, I wonder what will be available then!

      That's not a problem - just install CM9 when it gets released for the SGS3.

    I'm only interested in using a Nexus phone with stock-standard Android. My next phone will be a 4G Galaxy Nexus (if they ever make it), or the next official Google released phone with 4G

      The problem with Nexus phones is they generally don't push the boundaries hardware wise or they risk stealing sales from their Android partner's phones.

    I think Gizmodo got the wording of Samsung's reply wrong.

    Samsung said: "have no plans to make any announcements at this time"

    Just because they aren't ready to announce something doesn't imply there are no official launch plans for Australia.

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