Mozilla Thimble Teaches You How To Code With A Side-By-Side HTML Editor

We recently told you about Mozilla's new Webmaker projects that teach you how to code, and the first one is ready for a test drive right now. Thimble is an easy to use, in-browser HTML editor that shows you the finished product right alongside your code, so you can learn as you go.

Thimble won't teach you HTML directly — you'd still want to have something like W3Schools or Code Academy on hand — but it's a tool that makes learning a lot easier. Instead of having to type your code in a text editor and load the resulting file up in a browser, you can see all your changes in real time as you make them. That also makes correcting mistakes a lot easier, since you'll know exactly what caused a problem as soon as you type it. You can even publish your finished web pages right from Thimble's app for all your friends to see. It's still in the testing phases right now, but you can use the beta version by clicking the link below.

Mozilla Thimble [via Webmonkey]


    Isn't this just like any other WYSIWYG editor? I'm not in any way an experienced web designer, but I seem to remember similar split-screen features already implemented in DreamWeaver when I was playing around with it almost 10 years ago.

      Anyone here still remember Netscape Composer - or Netscape Navigator, for this matter? Good times.
      A similar version of them can still be found to this day in Mozilla's Seamonkey suite.

      I was wondering if someone would post that link. In the series by lifehacker "learn to code", Adam Dachis implores readers not to use W3Schools.

        The gave some interesting pointers - including:
        The Mozilla Developer's Network - - which contains a lot of resources for HTML, CSS, and Javascript, including lessons, references, and demos.
        I suppose there's the official W3C learning group Wiki - but it's not as "user-friendly".

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