Mountain Lion Skin Pack Makes Windows Look Like OS X

If you like the look of OS X but don't want to give up all your games and programs — or if you just don't want to buy a Mac — the Mountain Lion Skin pack will bring all the great looks and great features of OS X to your Windows desktop with one simple installation.

We've featured a few skin packs like this before, but this one is easily the best looking and most comprehensive we've seen. Not only does it change your wallpaper, icons, cursors, screensaver, and sounds, but it even adds popular Mac OS X features like Spaces, Exposé, the Dock and more.

Of course, you can get a lot of these programs separately, but if you really want the closest Mac experience possible, this skin pack will get the job done in just a few clicks. It isn't perfect, and your mileage may vary — everyone's system is different — but if you have any issues, they have a pretty active forum that can help you fix everything up. And, it's easily uninstallable if you don't like it.

The Mountain Lion Skin Pack is a free download for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Just make sure to select "Custom Installation" and uncheck the boxes for the toolbar it wants to add. (Seriously, when will these go away already?)

Mountain Lion Skin Pack [Skin Packs via]


    Looks like Apple shut it down already

    I found a copy here:

    Or you could just buy a Mac?

      Always one!

      Are you offering to pay for it, Patrick?

    Looks awful.

    never heard of an apple user who wanted to have the windows look :)...

    Mountain Lion Skin Pack 2.0

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