Modify Any iPhone Headset Remote To Work With Android Devices

Everyone loves the iPhone's headset with volume and music controls on the inline remote, but if you have an Android phone, you can actually get iPhone-designed buds working with your device. All it takes is a little DIY magic.

Android users have a few headphones on the market with inline remotes, but if you already have some iPhone ones lying around — or if you've found a pair of iPhone ones you like better — you can make them Android compatible with a few small resistors. You'll need to be careful opening it up and you'll need to know how to solder, but when you're done, all three buttons should work with any Android device. While you're at it, you may want to check out Headset Button Controller so you can further customise what each button does. Check out the video to see the modded buds in action, and hit the link below for the full how-to.

Galaxy Nexus (and Others) Headset Remote with Media Controls [Instructables via Hack a Day]


    There is a FAR cheaper and easier solution to this that I have used on Apple headphones and several other manufacturers. Simply grab one of those small black elastic hairbands that women use to hold their hair in a ponytail. They have a small portion with a metal crimp to keep the sewn together ring strength. Position that over the mic button of the controller that is in the cord. Then wrap the hairband around the controller until you cannot go any tighter.

    VIOLA. The button remains pressed permanently and the grip nature of the hairband makes it almost impossible to accidentally slip it back off. I've never had this not work and it costs ZERO dollars.

    Plus you don't risk ruining perfectly good heaphones.



    JOE YOU ARE THE FREAKING MAN ^^^^^^^ Thank you so much. the functions are all disabled now and i salute you.

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