Make Your Own Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is thicker and creamier than conventional yoghurt — and pricier as well. Save some money by making your own version simply by straining regular yoghurt through coffee filters.

The traditional method for DIY Greek yoghurt is to strain through a cheesecloth, but coffee filters may be more convenient, as a few readers pointed out when we suggested making Greek yoghurt with a tea towel.

The Be Food Smart blog offers the simple instructions. Basically, you pour the regular yoghurt onto two coffee filters held over a bowl (a colander makes a good base) and leave it in the fridge overnight. Straining the yoghurt removes much of the liquid whey, lactose and sugar from the regular yoghurt, leaving you with delicious thicker yoghurt perfect for dipping or dessert.

How to Strain Your Own Greek-Style Yogurt [Be Food Smart]


    If you are loosing 20% volume from this process and compare this to the price of Greek yogurt you'll find the net price difference isn't that high...

    I use this method on Greek yogurt to make it even thicker for tzatziki...

    Good tip. French yoghurt is not much creamier than skim milk.

    I must be shopping at the wrong place, Greek yoghurt is cheaper than the brand name vanilla stuff, (barring specials).

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