Mac Power Adaptor + Beer Bottle = Apple's Secret Church Key

Ever find yourself with your Mac or iPad power adaptor, a bottle of beer and nothing to open the beer with? Of course you have! Graphic designer Eva Giselle discovered that her iPad adaptor — and from the looks of it, basically any Apple power adaptor — makes for a great bottle opener.

The image says it all. Sure you can open a bottle with just about anything in the< world. Here's one more item to add to that list.

@EvaZebra [Twitter]


    Don't use an iPod or iPhone adapter. The round metal bit that is a ground pin on everything else is plastic.

    I still wish we got the iPhone power adapter the US iPhones get (small cube) rather than that bulky one.

    Thats not a church key. A church key is the bit on many bottle openers that punctures the can, not the bit that prises off a cap.

    um have fun fucking up your power adaptor pin

    You're all horribly jaded, you know that right?

    Hmm, how do I explain that to Apple when I go to get a replacement?

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