LastPass Wallet For iOS Securely Stores And Syncs The Contents Of Your Wallet

iOS: Keeping track of the credit cards, IDs and other stuff in your wallet is important in case your wallet ever gets lost. Popular password manager LastPass now offers a free app to backup and sync all that important personal information.

When you log in to the app, your existing LastPass secure notes are added automatically. It's easy to add a new "note" or information to store, thanks to the LastPass Wallet templates for just about any kind of important data. These include your bank account, credit cards, driver's licence, insurance ID, membership info, passport, Wi-Fi password and more.

You can attach audio clips, photos, text, or even record audio from within the app. With 50MB of free storage, though, you might not want to add too many media attachments.

In terms of security, LastPass Wallet locally encrypts and decrypts the sensitive data, and you can turn on features like "logoff on close" and "PIN code prompt" (highly recommended for your mobile device).

You'll then be able to access those notes in your browser on any device or on LastPass' other mobile apps. Attachments in LastPass Wallet, however, are not yet accessible on other devices.

The app is very easy to use and optimised for iPad too.

LastPass Wallet [iTunes App Store via LastPass blog]


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