Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted refund advice for GAME, the truth about tech myths, and a Raspberry PI ASAP. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Is It Safe To Buy From GAME Australia Now That It Is In Administration?
    Games retailer GAME has gone into administration, leaving the future of its Australian operations in doubt. Can you still safely buy from the chain? And what happens with existing orders? Here’s what we know (now updated with official statements).
  2. In Memoriam: Our Favourite Apps And Services That Have Gone Belly Up
    If the life of a power user teaches you anything, it’s that some of the best apps and tools don’t always stand the test of time. Let’s pour one out for some of those dearly departed, and look at what you can use instead.
  3. Top 10 Pervasive Tech Myths That Are Only Wasting Your Time
    Ever been told that you should fully discharge your battery to prolong its life? Or that jailbreaking your phone is illegal? Or that you should wait for the newest Intel processor because it’s going to be “so much faster”? These are tech myths we hear all the time, and likely spread to our friends — but most are just a waste of your time (and in some cases, they can actually harm your gadgets). Here are some of the worst offenders.
  4. Raspberry Pi Will Cost $41 In Australia
    There’s still a massive shortage of stock right now, but official Australian distributor RS Components has confirmed that the Raspberry Pi “computer on a board” will sell for about $41 in Australia, including delivery.
  5. Ask LH: Why Do I Have To Keep Resetting My Router, And How Can I Fix It?
    Dear Lifehacker, My router sucks. My connection goes wonky once every few days, and I have to unplug the router and reboot it (I believe this is called a hard reset) to fix the problem. Obviously, this is incredibly annoying. What can I do to just make the darn thing work properly? Sincerely, Infernal Internet
  6. Why Paying To Skip The Queue Is Unfair
    It’s no shock that people with more money don’t wait in line as long: they fly business class, get into private hospitals and hit the VIP queue at nightclubs. But have we gone too far in allowing “market forces” to determine how long we wait?
  7. Clean Up And Organise Your Music Library
    So you’ve spent a lot of time discovering and downloading new music, but your library’s a mess. You’re still using the same player you used five years ago, the files are in 10 different places on your hard drive and your metadata looks like a cyclone hit it. Take some time this weekend to clean up your library once and for all.
  8. What Does ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ Actually Mean?
    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has just fined an olive oil producer for inappropriately labelling a product as “extra virgin olive oil”. However, there’s no nationally mandated standard for what can be described as “extra virgin”. What’s going on?
  9. How Do IKEA’s Prices In Australia Compare?
    We like IKEA’s cheap homewares, but if you’ve ever spent time looking at its prices elsewhere in the world, you’ll realise Australians sometimes pay a premium for its products. Just how much of a premium? The honest answer: it varies.
  10. Staying Full While Dieting Is Easier Than You Think With The Right Foods
    If you’re trying to watch what you eat, or your doctor has put you on a diet, you know what it’s like to struggle with gnawing hunger even though you’re all out of calories for the day. Sure, chugging a few glasses of water and going to bed may help keep you from raiding the fridge before the sun comes up, but being hungry still sucks. Thankfully, the blog Syatt Fitness has a solid list of foods you can eat and enjoy even if you’re counting calories.


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