Keep Shaving Lather Warm By Storing It In A Sink Full Of Hot Water

If you're the type to shave with a safety or straight razor, then you probably already know it's best to keep the shaving cream warm for the most comfortable shave. The Art of Manliness points out it's easy to do by storing your shaving cream cup in the sink and filling it with hot water.

For a lot of people, a cold shave is uncomfortable and creates a lot of irritation on the skin. The remedy is to keep the lather nice and hot. The Art of Manliness tip is simple to implement. Just make up your lather as you usually would, drop it into your sink, and then fill up the sink with hot water until it gets near the top of your mug. Even if you use canned shaving cream, you can warm it up the same way to get a nice hot shave without splashing your face repeatedly.

How to Keep Your Shaving Lather Nice and Warm [The Art of Manliness]


    Another option is use a good quality shaving foam like a proraso, has hair softening properties, makes for a great shave.

    Or lut a tall bowl in a shallow bowl. Or buy a scuttle.

    Cant we throw this in the "no shit" pile?

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