Internode Still Quiet (Officially) On Soft Launched $59.95 150GB Naked Plan

Internode Still Quiet (Officially) On Soft Launched $59.95 150GB Naked Plan

I posted about this last week on Gizmodo, but it occurred to me that plenty of Lifehacker readers must be Internode users and may be unaware of the new plan.

Internode soft-launched it on May 1 and I thought it would have made a bit more noise by now, but its official news feed remains barren of info regarding the new plan and unless you regularly visit Whirlpool or have recently logged into your account via the Internode website, it’s unlikely you’ll spot it.

While Internode’s been relatively quiet, it does have a page up that highlights the ins and outs of the deal, including the requirement of signing up for a 24-month plan and the omission of NodePhone.

Otherwise, it’s very similar to the grandfathered Easy Naked S plan. You can find a few more details in the Gizmodo post.

Internode Brings Back Popular 150GB Plan For Naked Users [Gizmodo Australia]


    • How about us in the areas where only Telstra have cable in the ground thus an unlimited plan is too much per month, and the only solution is a plan with data usage?

      And just so you know, I live in a densely populated area on the southern tip of the Gold Coast, which is considered “regional”

      • I’m sorry that you’re in that position, I was for many many years before I even got broadband let alone unlimited and even now my speed is slow. The point I was trying to make (although I did a bad job of it) is that Internode themselves should stop wasting peoples time and money and change their plans to unlimited.

  • this is interesting.
    this is the same plan i am on, except a little while back they upped the price from $59.90 p/m to $69.90 p/m
    i think i will give these guys a call about this tomorrow.

    • I just checked it out because I am in the same boat as os7, but the new plan whist being $10/ m cheaper on paper – adds $5 /m for node phone ( free on the other plan) and counts up and downloads – the current 150gb plan as far as I know only counts downloads.

  • F**KING PAIR GAINS! Sorry about that.. I’d love to switch to something like this, but, thanks to Telstra, I can’t get any ADSL2 or Naked services. The NBN can’t come quick enough.

  • I’m on the grandfathered Easy Naked-S plan, getting the same 150Gb for $59.95. However whilst this new plan is only available on Internode/Agile ports, I’m still on an Optus port.

    I’m eager to transfer onto this plan as soon as I can be migrated from my horrific Optus port, which has 24/7 congestion, onto an iiNode port (i.e. iiNet hardware that’s soon to be available to internode customers).

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