Instapaper Brings New Features To iOS App

iOS: Instapaper, one of our favourite bookmark-and-read-later apps, just dropped a big update with a new pagination mode, a few new touch gestures and a sepia colour tint for easier-on-the-eyes reading.

The new pagination option gives you an iBooks-like animation and puts the old pagination option — now rewritten for speed and accuracy — into a new setting called “Fast Pagination” for those of you that don’t like to wait for fancy animations. Pagination mode also has a draggable dot bar to replace the scroll bar. You can also close an article with a two finger swipe (one of the things we love about its competition, Readability), and you can add a subtle Sepia tint to your articles for easier reading. It also has a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Hit the link to read more, or head to the App Store to update your copy for free.

Instapaper 4.2: Now Available in the App Store [Instapaper Blog]


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