Instacorder Is A No-Frills App For Emailing Yourself Voice Memos

Instacorder Is A No-Frills App For Emailing Yourself Voice Memos

iOS: Instacorder is a dead-simple app that will instantly email voice memos to yourself for reviewing and organising on your computer. The first time you open the app, you’ll be asked for your email address, after which you’ll simply hold the huge recording button to enable the microphone. As soon as you let go, the voice memo is instantly sent to your email.

While you could always use an app like Evernote to create and organise your voice recordings, sometimes there isn’t time to categorise and title a new note. Instacorder excels by simply focusing on recording, leaving you to sort and organise the memos once you get back to a computer.

Instacorder is free, but a $0.99 version will unlock similar one-touch functionality for emailing photos, as well as stripping out the ads.

Instacorder Free [iTunes via MakeUseOf]
Instacorder [iTunes]


  • I’m not sure if this is a well known feature but you can do this exact same thing with stock android.
    You tap the speech button and say “Note to self:” follow that with what you want to note and you will receive an email shortly with that voice note attached.
    As for the comment above this one you can add a rule in your email client to forward the emails received to Evernote.

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