'If You Wouldn't Wake Up Early To Do Something, You Probably Shouldn't Stay Up Late For It'

This piece of advice comes straight from a Redditor in a familiar bind: sometimes we stay up way too late messing around on the internet or watching TV, when we should go to bed. This trick will help motivate you to get to bed and get to rest.

The idea is simple. When you realise that it's 3am and you're still playing mindless video games, ask yourself: would you be willing to wake up an hour or two early to do the same thing? If the answer is no, you're better off going to bed. If you're up late doing work, then you can better justify your tiredness the next day.

This doesn't mean it has to be something productive, of course — just something that you feel is worth your while. Take the above example: if a demo of your most-anticipated new video game release had just come out that evening, testing it might be more worth a certain lack of sleep. I know I'd wake up at 5am in a heartbeat if the demo was going to be released at 5am. It isn't a hard and fast rule, but it's a good question to ask yourself when you look at the clock and realise it's a bit later than you had planned on staying up.

LPT: If You Wouldn't Wake Up Early to Do It, You Probably Shouldn't Stay Up Late to Do It. [Reddit]


    Question not criticism here, but shouldn't the image used here (from the excellent blog hyperbole and a half) be credited in some way?

      I Agree, along with credit, don't you need permission?

      Honestly, who cares? Pendantics...

    Except that different people have different sleep patterns.
    I myself wouldn't get up early for anything I didn't have to (say catching a plane) EVER.
    If I followed this rule I'd never do anything fun.

    I'm trying to work out if I would get up extra early to drink whisky with strippers.

    Whoever wrote this clearly does not have children.

      Good observation

    This observation is probably correct, but It doesn't allow for variation in sleep patterns that account for doing things at odd times. Due to long-term sleep apnoea, I don't sleep more than about 4 hours a night. Hence, I'm writing this at 3.15am, having already been up for almost 3 hours. I do go to bed early, but that's ingrained from more than 25 years of not knowing how long it will take to go to sleep. Plus, I start work at 5am.

    This doesnt work... most things I stay up late for I *would* wake up early for too... in fact sometimes I do both!

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