How Do You Stay Productive After Work?

How Do You Stay Productive After Work?
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You’ve had a long day at the office and you’re finally free. It’s tempting to go home, stuff some food in your mouth and do nothing for the rest of the night, but after work is prime time to get started on your side project or learn a new skill. How do you resist the urge to fall down on the couch after work every day? How do you find the motivation to stay productive after leaving work?

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It’s difficult enough to leave a long day at work and take care of your household chores and other responsibilities, but how do you stay motivated to be productive at your side projects? Sure, it helps to work on things that you’re passionate about or don’t have the opportunity to work on during the day, but how do you commit and make sure you stay committed, even on those days where you feel like you really don’t feel like it?

This thread at Hacker News inspired us to ask you the question and find out what techniques you use to make sure you make headway on your pet projects once you’ve made the decision to get started. Do you get up early and work on your side gig in the early morning, or do you lock yourself in the garage until you’ve made progress? Maybe you’re like our editor-in-chief, Adam Pash, who promises to give his project 10 minutes each day, no more (unless he wants to), no less. However you do it, share some of your tips for staying personally productive after the workday is over in the comments below.


  • I find that have a light meal, low carb and turn on some light chillout music, avoid turning on the TV, even to check the news, that will just distract your mind, also try to limit your time to say 2 or 3 hours max on the side project, as you do otherwise you will find it a chore.

  • I don’t know if you’d call it productive, but as a naturally lazy person, the only way I can go for my daily walk is to change and go straight away. It is important for lazy people to find creative ways to overcome it, otherwise you get nothing done.

  • I try and knock off one weekend job every night – put on a load of washing, cook a big meal and freeze leftovers, do some cleaning – whatever to free up time on the weekend to do more serious projects or chill out

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