Heatproof Your Kitchen Cookware With Sugru

Heatproof Your Kitchen Cookware With Sugru

There are lots of great, practical uses for Sugru, that mouldable Play-Doh-like silicone. This one can protect your hands in the kitchen — improving pots, pans and other cookware that aren’t heatproof.

This smart Sugru application comes from Sister Diane writing on the CraftyPod blog. All you have to do is smoosh some Sugru over your cookware handles and wait the 24 hours for the clay to fully cure and become dishwasher safe and heat-resistant to about 170C. You can apply this concept to teapot handles, lids and other objects that get hot, so you don’t have to use a potholder to handle them.

Got any clever uses for Sugru to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Heatproofing a Stockpot with Sugru [CraftyPod via Apartment Therapy]


  • Has anyone done any safety tests on the safety of Sugru in the dish washer or at high temperatures?
    I remember when BPA kitchen appliances first came out no one was worried, now countries are banning BPA.

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