Hang Pot Lids Under The Cabinets To Save Precious Kitchen Space

Pot lids are hard to store efficiently, especially when you have little cabinet space to begin with. Make use of unused space by storing pot lids under the cabinet, hung on hooks.

This clever space-saving solution comes care of The Kitchn. All you need are a few hooks screwed under the top cabinets and your pot lids are easily stored.

Obviously if you have under-cabinet lights or mount your knives under the cabinet, this won't work. In that case, consider storing the covers on the inside of cabinet doors with hooks or with a towel rack.

Smart Pot Lid Storage: Flying Saucers Under the Cabinets [The Kitchn]


    Ok, this is freakin' stupid.

    It's actually hurts my face, how stupid this is.

    The more stuff you have out, the mre you have to clean, this is in fact a negative, sorry but I would rather have an easier to clean kitchen than have to clean every element that is hanging and left out like this, have already the microwave, the kitchen knife block, the coffee machine and the kettle and whatever else is out to worry about.

    Looks cluttered.

    None of my lids are like that - they have solid handles.
    I just turn the lids upside down and put on the pot and then store another pot on top.

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