Get Photoshop In Australia For US Prices

The new Creative Cloud pricing can make Photoshop and other Adobe products cheaper, but Australian customers still pay a hefty premium compared to those in the US even if they download the software. However, it turns out that with a little URL tinkering, you might be able pay US prices for an Australian copy. Update: Damn, looks like Adobe has fixed this.

Reddit user mrWLSN demonstrates in a series of screenshots how going through the US store but using an Australian ID results in an error. However, if you edit the URL to add /au/ after the .com, it seems you can then pay the US price via the Australian system. It's not clear if this would work if you want to buy a new copy, but it could be worth a try.

Adobe is one of the obvious targets of the upcoming government price inquiry. If it doesn't close this loophole, it might not be such a prime candidate. If you give it a try, tell us how it goes in the comments.

Update: Per the comments below, looks like this isn't working any more. Curses!

Reddit [via ZDNet]


    Why would we pay to use something in a way that is likely against the terms of service/illegal. If adobe want to rip me off I'll just get it the other illegal way - for

    Alas, it didn't work for me. I prefer to pay the US$199 for my Photoshop upgrade, but apparently the GST alone for Australian customers adds up to about $136!
    I imported the box upgrade for LR4 to avoid the rip-off, but I don't think they're selling the boxes for this one.
    I hope someone comes up with a solution. I really understand pirating a whole lot better now.

    Angus I'm having a little trouble with this one.

    " edit the URL to change add /au/ after the .com" - change add? Do you mean just one of those? also

    "If it doesn’t close this loophole, it might not be such a prime candidate" - why would this be the case?

    Maybe I'm dim today it just doesn't quite read right- thanks!

    Looks like they fixed it. Adding /au/ to the URL now results in a 404 page.

    Adobe just keeps pushing users to channel BT with their overpriced buggy software. BT is cheapest way upgrade, unless they find you ;)

    I bought LR when they dropped the price of LR3 to the same price (or below) the US price, and happily upgraded to LR4 for not a lot more than the US, but that seems to have been a rare moment of sanity for Adobe Australia.

    Oddly enough, the education version of Creative Cloud is actually cheaper here ($24.99) than the US ($29.99) also if you buy online via direct download Adobe does not charge GST as you are buying for a company based in Ireland.

    Just go through the us store, choose the download option and enter a US address (any hotel or shop address works) and voila saved $$.

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