Fry Crispy Bacon Every Time By Adding Water

Bacon is delicious, and it's really not difficult to cook, but it is easy to screw up if you don't cook it long enough or leave it on the heat for too long. The folks at America's Test Kitchen have a method for frying bacon that results in perfectly crispy strips every single time. The secret ingredient? Water.

The video above tells the tale, but water frying over low heat for longer periods will both keep your whole house from smoking up and smelling like bacon, and save you from having to heat up the oven just to cook a quick breakfast. Granted, the water method may take as long as baking your bacon (my favourite method), but if you prefer the taste of pan-fried bacon to oven-baked, this method will work well for you. It also renders out most of the fat nicely so you don't have a pool of bacon grease to clean up (which can be a pro or a con depending on whether you want to reuse that fat for something else!).

What's your favourite bacon prep method? Do you use the microwave, toss it in the oven or do something else? Let's hear it in the comments below.

Make the Most Perfect Bacon Ever [America's Test Kitchen]


    Weber ... I don't know why (v hot / good fat drain?) but it results in slightly crisp perfect bacon every time.

    Or just bake it in the oven at 200c on baking paper. Much easier to control crispness...

    "keep your whole house from smoking up and smelling like bacon"

    ...wait, why is this a bad thing?

    fry it in a pan like 99% of people :)

    wtf, who uses a microwave to cook bacon!?!?

    call Epic meal Time

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