From The Tips Box: Firefox Autofill, Shared Dropbox Folders, White Noise

From The Tips Box: Firefox Autofill, Shared Dropbox Folders, White Noise

Readers offer their best tips for fixing an annoyance in Firefox’s new Aurora builds, renaming shared Dropbox folders, and generating white noise to concentrate better.

Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or send it using the contact tab on the right.

Turn Off Firefox’s New Inline URL Autocomplete

If you’re using Firefox’s newest Aurora build, complete with inline autofill for URLs, CamJN shares a tweak to bring the awesomebar’s old dropdown menu back:

You can almost always turn things off in Firefox…in the case of the new autofill behaviour, head into about:config and turn browser.urlbar.autoFill off.

Rename Dropbox Shared Folders (Without Confusing Your Friends)

Ryanlcombs discovers a well thought out feature in Dropbox:

If I want to have a constant sharing situation with my friend Bob, I can create a folder called “Share with Bob” but when shared with him, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, he looks in his Dropbox and sees his own name and may not remember who that is supposed to be shared with.

Instead, when I initiate a share I put my own name: “Share with Ryan” and when he accepts I change the name to “Share with Bob”. Dropbox doesn’t change the name on Bob’s side, just on mine.

This way we both have intuitively named folders. Bob’s your uncle.

Use Live Nature Webcams as White Noise

We’ve shared a few white noise generators for better concentration and sleep, but 2¥ben discovers another great white noise solution:

Solution for white noise at work: tune into a bird cam and let it stream in the background. Currently I am listening to Sapsucker Wood’s Pond where a heron has some recently hatched chicks.

Its not a loop, not predictable, and is pretty awesome.

Google Can Always Tell What Language You Want, Regardless of Keyboard Layout

Juansmith stumbles upon an awesome Google search feature:

Just discovered an interesting feature on Google – when I accidentally left my keyboard in the wrong language (in this case Russian) and started typing, the autocomplete immediately recognised that I was trying to type in English, and searched accordingly.


    • That’s what i was thinking on you can use the order of the names to indicate whose quota it uses Ryan Share to Bob means its using Ryan shared it so its using his quota.

  • All parties can change the name of shared folders to whatever you want and it won’t change for the other people. In this example, Bob can easily change it to whatever he chooses by himself so I don’t really see the point

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