Foxtel On Xbox 360 Adds Kinect Voice And Gestures

Foxtel On Xbox 360 Adds Kinect Voice And Gestures

If you’re a subscriber to the Foxtel app on Xbox 360, you might have noticed that basic Kinect voice controls don’t work so well. An update due to roll out today should fix that, making Foxtel fully Kinect compliant.

You should be prompted for an update — I’ve not yet switched on my own 360 to confirm this — and sign back into Foxtel on Xbox 360 in order to get Kinect up and running.

The update also changes how parental permissions on the app work. Where previously you had to manage these via the Foxtel website — a clumsy solution, given there’s no inbuilt 360 browser — the permissions should now be based within the application itself.

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  • This update, on the whole makes the entire experience worse.

    The application takes far longer to startup and buffer now.

    You can no longer view the guide with the channel playing in the background, you have to wait for an annoyingly long pause while it switches to another screen entirely.
    Add to that the huge writing to make things “kinect friendly” means so little information is presented in the guide and you can only see a couple of channels at a time.

    So then you think, I can use this amazing kinect voice control to skip straight to the channel I want by just saying it!
    Unfortunately, if the channel you want isn’t listed on the screen, you cannot say it’s name to skip to it.
    Instead, it’s a series of “page down” wait 3 seconds for guide to update “page down” wait another 3 seconds and so on until you can actually say what channel you want.

    All in all, this update makes the core function of the application (watching tv) slower, clumsier and more irritating with many slows and unnecessary pauses, which were not there in the previous version.

  • Yes, the new experience is significantly worse – especially not being able to skip ahead on the guide whilst buffering. You can’t even read program descriptions whilst watching any more. Terrible.

  • Agreed the new foxtel for Xbox app is awful and painfully unresponsive. Browsing the tv guide feels like waiting for a website to load on dial-up!

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