Foxtel On Demand Offers Catch-Up TV Via The iQ Set-Top Box

Foxtel On Demand Offers Catch-Up TV Via The iQ Set-Top Box

Foxtel has offered catch-ups since 2009, but you needed a PC to access them. Its new catch-up offering now works directly to your set-top box, letting you catch up with up to 1,000 pay TV shows on your TV.

Foxtel On Demand catch-up services are free with your existing subscription if you have an iQ box and have it connected to the internet. You also need to activate the service, either by calling Foxtel or via its web site. (This is an extension of the previous pay-per-view On Demand option, so if you have already set that up, you should be good to go.)

Shows are updated daily, with new episodes appearing at midnight on the day of broadcast, and will generally remain available for 28 days. You can only access shows for channels you subscribe to.

As ever, you’ll need to be cautious about your download limit, unless you’re using Big Pond, which (unsurprisingly given Telstra’s 50 per cent stake in Foxtel) offers the service unmetered.

I’ll be testing out On Demand when I get back to my place today; in the meantime, offer your thoughts in the comments.


  • Sounds like it could be handy. If you forget to put something on record and you can’t be bothered fishing through the guide to find the next airing, it’ll be there to watch in the On Demand menu? I usually go through the guide a few days at a time and put things on record anyway so I doubt I’ll use it much.

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