flybuys Needs To Cut Back On The Emails

flybuys Needs To Cut Back On The Emails

When we recently looked at how the new flybuys isn’t particularly good value, a few readers argued that it was unfair to claim that Coles would “aggressively bombard you with offers”. Having received three emails from flybuys in the course of a week, I’d say that the marketing is well and truly on. What can you do about it?

I’m not intending to use flybuys regularly, but I had to sign up in order to write about it. You need to supply an email address as part of that process, and there’s no way of choosing to opt out of email communication on the flybuys site. In the last seven days, I’ve received two promotions offering extra points with some outlets, as well as a generic spruik for the temporary my5 discount on. (BTW, I’m not counting the original sign-up email in the total — it would be odd not to get that.)

The flybuys site does tell you that you can “contact us at any time to opt out of electronic and telephone direct marketing communications”, However, in order to do that you have to write a letter or make a phone call. Many people won’t bother.

Obviously, if you’re a regular Coles shopper, knowing about these offers could potentially save you money or earn you more points. But the usual caveats apply: it will take a long time to accumulate points to a level that actually offers anything, and if you spend money on something you didn’t otherwise need, there’s no saving in place.

If (like me) you don’t want to see flybuys emails but you have joined flybuys (perhaps at the insistence of a family member), there are a few possible solutions other than contacting flybuys itself. You can easily set up a filter in Gmail (or a rule in Outlook) to automatically move flybuys messages into a given folder or delete them. If you have a specific email address you use for sign-ups to services you don’t expect regularly, that’s another option. In the grand scheme of things, hitting the delete key on unwanted messages really isn’t that hard either.

Conversely, if you’re keen to see flybuys offers as they come in, make sure to check your spam folder. I automatically back up my email to Gmail, and it placed several of the messages into the spam folder straight away. (To tell Gmail not to do this, select the message in the spam folder and choose ‘Not spam’ from the ‘More’ drop-down at the top.)


  • as someone who has been with flybuys for 4 years now, I have honestly received more emails in the last 2 weeks about flybuys (since the new launch) than I have received in the rest of the 4 years i’ve been with them.

    only about 3 of them so far in the last two weeks have been of any use at all to me. The last one I got yesterday just explained stuff I already knew, stuff that’s explained on the front page of the website and has already been communicated to me in previous emails, including 1 of those 3 previous emails that I deemed useful

  • I’m happy with my Woolies reward card as I can link it to frequent flyer points. I’ve cut up the Coles flyby card as I agreed with your earlier article.

  • Unsubscribing isn’t as difficult as it seems. In each email you receive, scroll to the very bottom. In the footer there is the option to unsubscribe. Click that and you are taken to the FlyBuys website where it asks you to confirm your request. Click the button. You will no longer receive FlyBuys marketing emails.

    Perk me baby!

      • Seriously, can you just delete this article – or amend it to just say “click unsubscribe”.

        It is pretty pathetic that you’re whinging about getting emails from a product that you subscribed to (begrudgingly or not).

        As for failing to notice an unsubscribe link in an email, for a service you signed up for – I say “epic fail”. Hardly a life hack – and sad that you can’t at least generify your advice to make it more broadly applicable instead of a thinly veiled jab at flybuys which you so clearly hate.

        • Not to mention that almost every single service, from Groupons to Apple, will automatically add you to a marketing list when you sign up/buy something. This is not new or controversial, this is Angus’s continued whinge about a free service that noone is forced to use and is not hiding any sort of deception.

          Just get over it. I’m sure there are much more interesting things you could write about.

  • I recently got a letter, addressed directly to me, with two fly buys cards. I still needed to fill in a form to use the cards. Completely unsolicited.

    Any idea how they got my details?

  • I clicked the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Unfortunately we can’t press the unsubscribe button on the annoying tv ads with that annoying unfunny British woman. I hate her so, so much. There’s been 2 flybuys

  • I clicked the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Unfortunately we can’t press the unsubscribe button on the annoying tv ads with that annoying unfunny British woman. I hate her so, so much. There’s been 2 flybuys ads on in the course of writing this.

  • I have honestly read more about FlyBuys in Gizmodo Australia than anywhere else, even Flybuys itself (only received the welcome kit and confirmation email).

    Hope this is the last post about it.

  • I completely agree Angus. Furthermore, after receiving the second e-mail this week I clicked unsubscribe, was taken to a confirmation page, and received the notice I wouldn’t receive any more e-mails. Surprisingly I received one this morning….

  • You should also be aware that if you select a my5 item, and yet it is not stocked in any of your 3 local Coles stores (and none of them are small stores) then it is tough – even when you are told by the manager of your local store that the product is discontinued and so you won’t be able to get it, What a waste of time – all they want is your details for research purposes

  • Well I here as I’m pretty annoyed and frustrated with flybuys . Actually not because the email they send me but because the one I can’t sent them…. Have you try to contact them by email? I ended up with FaceBook (not my friend either, but try to unsuscribe with FB… FB very appropriate initials in my own book!)
    Finally this morning someone after huffing and puffing gave me a Customer Care email address for FBuys…Well there was no such address! Perhaps I did not copy it properly but I would not be surprise this is not the case.
    As for the guys above who think we should get a life…. What kind of life have you if you are also here reading our …whatever you like to call it?

  • If you log into your account, click on “Account Details” then click on “Edit” beside your name, you can edit the preferences on what e-mails you receive. Then you can receive as many or as little as you like.

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