Floq Is A Good-Looking Online Survey App

There are plenty of sites which offer online survey functionality, but not all of them produce particularly attractive-looking results. Australian-developed Floq doesn't fall into that trap, produced attractive surveys that are easy to share and collate.

Floq, which has just exited private beta, includes some good-looking templates for automatically creating common team surveys, such as performance reviews or feedback after an event. You can also design your own surveys from scratch in a drag-and-drop environment.

The basic Floq account is free, and allows two active surveys with 20 questions each. Paid accounts start from $49 a month and include additional features such as benchmarking your results against others.



    The link at the bottom of the page isn't working...


      Thanks for providing a working link. *cough*

    Hi Angus, thanks for the review of Floq! We're pretty stoked to see our app feature don Lifehacker :) Given the readers here we're interested to see the uses people come up with for the platform.

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