Flipboard For Android Is Unofficially Available

Flipboard For Android Is Unofficially Available

Android users eager to get their hands on Flipboard, the beautiful, tile-based digital “magazine” we all know and love, were told the app would launch exclusive on the Samsung Galaxy S III when it hits some markets later this month. Now, thanks to one enterprising member over at the XDA forums, an unofficial build of Flipboard for Android is available to all.

Waiting didn’t sit well with XDA forum member Valcho, and since he had an SGS III “lying around”, he decided to extract the APK and share it with the world. You can grab it at the link below.

If you’re familiar with Flipboard for the iPhone and iPad, the Android version works the same way. When the app launches, you can build your “magazine” based on your interests or log in to your Flipboard account if you already have one on another device to pull down your stories, linked social networks and preferences. Swipe your fingers from bottom to top to move from article to article, and left to right to go from page to page inside an article. Even if you don’t have an account, you can still enjoy the pre-loaded top stories and “cover stories” section, populated with popular articles from around the web.

I had some trouble running the app on my rooted OG Droid running MIUI — it installed fine, but I was presented with an error that my device didn’t meet the minimum requirements for Flipboard to run. When I tried it on my Droid Bionic however, the app worked like a charm. Give it a try yourself, and let us know how it works on your device and what you think of the Android version of Flipboard in the comments below.

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