Eye-Fi Finally Get An Australian Release

The Eye-Fi range — SD cards which have built-in Wi-Fi so your pictures are automatically uploaded from your camera to your computer or phone — is awesome. Surprisingly, though, it's never had an official Australian release, with local enthusiasts stuck with buying one from overseas. That's about to change, with CR Kennedy taking on official Australian distributor duties.

Three models are being sold locally: the 4GB Connect X2 at $59.99, the 8GB Mobile X2 for $99.99, and the 8GB Pro X2 for $119.99. (The key distinguishing features of the Pro model are automatic geo-location and the ability to deal with RAW files.)

Alas, a quick check suggests those prices aren't very competitive: the official US prices are $US45, $US80 and $US100 respectively, and Amazon has them for even less. Another one for the price inquiry, I guess. Nonetheless, it's good to have a local purchase option.


    Already have one bought from photojojo from the states. Love it!
    Best feature is to have it broadcast a wifi network. I connect to it on my mac and it downloads the pics over the air to a folder on my laptop. Good for studio shoots where you need the instant transfer.

    Is it possible to use this to somehow transfer photos taken from a DSLR to an iPAD without using the camera connector kit by any chance?

      I'm pretty sure they have an app for android and iOS for that =)
      Their official site is www.eye.fi
      I've been meaning to import one for awhile glad it's finally getting an Aus release. I don't what took them so long this is an amazing idea!

      I use my 8gb x2 Pro with my ipad, no problems, fantastic card.

    I recently had a thought that surely by now all major camera manufacturers would be making their products with built-in bluetooth or wifi. Apparently not, but these products are an excellent workaround until they get their act together.
    It's a shame for Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony camera owners that there doesn't seem to be any XD or Memory Stick equivalents.

    Seriously though, even cars have had bluetooth for a while.

      The reason I won't buy any Sony Ecosystem products... they have too many quirky proprietary solutions that are hard to support/supplement in a larger ecosystem. The problem of camera flash memory had been solved with CF, the SD and now MicroSD... there was no need for Sony to invent it's own little format other than to try and lock people in once they had purchased memory-stick flash.

      I love Sony and the design. I own an amazing pair of Sony headphones, and I just ordered yesterday a brilliant, fantastic design Sony clock radio... but I'm not locked in to Sony in any way for these...

      But the compact camera I'm about to buy for my overseas holiday will NOT be Sony or any other that uses MemoryStick... because I already HAVE industry standard memory cards from the Panasonic and Canon that I already own... sorry Sony. Great gear... just lose the lock-in.

    This almost reads like an ad for CR Kennedy.

      You seriously think an "ad" would point out the overcharging?

    Great idea, I didn't even know these existed. Too bad about the price difference though, looks like I'll be importing these just like every other SD card I've ever bought.

    jaycar have been selling a cometing product for awhile now


    These guys have it really well priced. Just got a couple from there http://www.memorycardsonline.com.au/eye-fi-cards/

    They are around the US price too

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