Eye-Fi Finally Get An Australian Release

Eye-Fi Finally Get An Australian Release

The Eye-Fi range — SD cards which have built-in Wi-Fi so your pictures are automatically uploaded from your camera to your computer or phone — is awesome. Surprisingly, though, it’s never had an official Australian release, with local enthusiasts stuck with buying one from overseas. That’s about to change, with CR Kennedy taking on official Australian distributor duties.

Three models are being sold locally: the 4GB Connect X2 at $59.99, the 8GB Mobile X2 for $99.99, and the 8GB Pro X2 for $119.99. (The key distinguishing features of the Pro model are automatic geo-location and the ability to deal with RAW files.)

Alas, a quick check suggests those prices aren’t very competitive: the official US prices are $US45, $US80 and $US100 respectively, and Amazon has them for even less. Another one for the price inquiry, I guess. Nonetheless, it’s good to have a local purchase option.


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