Eliminate Five Tasks From Your Weekly To-Do List Right Now

As you're getting stuck into another week, you're probably planning out your calendar and organising your to-dos. Chances are your list of tasks is pretty big, which is why the day planner manufacturer Day-Timer suggests cutting five tasks right now before your week starts getting out of control.

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Most people have a tendency to bite off a little more than they can chew. This is even easier to do at the onset of new week when you might be feeling a bit more energy and ambition than you do at the end of the week. In turn, you probably have a few items on that weekly to-do list that you're not going to have the time to get to. So, instead of feeling guilty about not doing them or rushed all week long, take another look at that list and ditch five items from it right now. Day-Timer has a few simple suggestions for ways to go about choosing the items that need to go:

  • Delegating a task to someone else who has more time
  • Reschedule it for another day this month
  • Absorbing one task into another which might have a similar process or outcome
  • Put it on a "someday" list for doing when you have more time
  • Deleting a task because it's just not that important right now

If you're the type to get a little ambitious with your to-do lists, eliminating tasks at the beginning of the week might be a great way to make sure you actually get things done. We've talked before about setting up a weekly meeting with yourself to update your list, and cutting out five tasks can be integrated into that process pretty easily. Do you have a weekly scheduling ritual of your own? Share it in the comments.

Today's Productivity Tip: Eliminate 5 Tasks [Day-Timer Blog]

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    Many tasks are the mundane crap you have to do once a week or so. I convert these to Outlook tasks so am reminded automatically as and when these are to be done. Timesheets, reports, backups, info digging etc.

    Then my to do list focusses on what really gets me ahead because I don't worry about the mundane.

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