DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets

To save money or avoid a trip to the store you can make your own reusable dryer sheets by dipping white wash cloths or rags into a little liquid fabric softener until they're completely saturated and allow them to dry completely — you'll be able to use each rag around a dozen times until you need to repeat the process.

Household tips weblog One Good Thing by Jillee has used this method for the past nine months with great results; clothes smell and feel great and absolutely no static cling. Using four rags and a few tablespoons of fabric softener should give you reusable dryer sheets for 48 loads or so.

Make Your Own {Reusable} Dryer Sheets! [One Good Thing by Jillee]


    What the eff is a dryer sheet?

    I think it's an American thing. You chuck 'em in a dryer and they make your clothes stink pretty.

    Don't Amercians wash their clothes with detergent?

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