DIY Laundry Pedestal

DIY Laundry Pedestal

If you’re comfortable working with timber, you can save yourself some money by making your own laundry pedestal, all for around $60 worth of timber, plywood, paint and two sets of drawer slides.

Home remodelling weblog Just a Girl shared the pedestal project her family recently undertook. They chose short pieces of timber to keep the project affordable and added braces every 15cm or so for added durability. After the basic box for the pedestal was assembled, the drawers were constructed from 1cm plywood and attached to the pedestal with the drawer slides. Then the top of the pedestal was constructed, again with 1cm plywood, before the drawer fronts were made with scrap MDF. Decorative trim was added to the drawer fronts and everything was painted white to match the appliances.

No plans or exact dimensions were given, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the dimensions you need for your own space.

DIY Pedestals [Just a Girl Blog]


  • If you’re not comfortable with timber, you can also save yourself money by not making a pedestal at all…

    I mean how many people do you know who actually need one of these things…?

    • Ilia, I agree, due to a bad back we had to buy a steel one (after I unsuccessfully tried to build one). The vibrations that a washing machine generates are amplified by being off the ground, hence the increase in noise. The other thing that happens in the machine and pedestal tend to walk and it is a PITA to get back into place.
      The problem I had with my DIY version was trying to make it strong enough deal with the vibration.
      From memory the off the shelf, steel version is $200 or so, so there is some good savings to be made if it works for you.

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