Dealhacker: JB Hi-Fi Selling Parallel Import Games

Mark over at Kotaku points out, JB Hi-Fi is now selling reduced price parallel import games in its stores. Rather unusually, they're grouped together in a stand rather than on the main shelves, so check JB Hi-Fi carefully if you're seeking a particular title. [Kotaku]


    Just be aware that even though the game may play on your Aussie console, any DLC for the game that you purchase from your Australian account may not.


        Actually there have been issues with UK games not working with DLC purchases here on the Aussie PSN..

      Well, I've played a number of imported games on my PS3 and never had trouble with DLC. It doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but I don't think it's too common.

    The PS3 is region free, although the Wii, DS, 3DS and 360 aren't. Not sure on the Vita though. Assuming these are imported from the EU or UK they should play fine since Australian consoles use the same PAL region as Europe.

    You have to check the BLES/BCES (I think) number, you have to match this to the DLC.

    I found out the expensive way with COD: Black Ops. I had the US version of the game, which didn't work with Aus DLC. Furthermore, Playstation don't give refunds for DLC.

    I bought a copy of GT5 Collectors Edition from the states, the game works, but the code to redeem the Chrome-Line cars could not be redeemed in Australia.

    All titles from JB Hifi should be fine for Aussie consoles.

    If JB Hifi sold products not suitable for local machines then at the very least you would get a refund. If there really were problems I would expect the the ACCC will be all over them.

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