Dealhacker: Get Extra Dropbox Storage With Dropquest

Dropbox is staging its second Dropquest online challenge this weekend. Everyone who completes it gets a free extra 1GB on their Dropbox account, while there are bigger prizes for those who finish first. It's not the most hassle-free way to get extra Dropbox storage, but if every little gigabyte helps, set some time aside for it. [Dropquest via OzBargain]


    I'm now torn. I have my 25GB of Skydrive storage, which I can use in the exact same way as Dropbox. But for some reason, I still have Dropbox installed with my 10GB free, surely I should be able to decide!

    If anyone creates a dropbox account, can you add my name as a referral and then we can both get extra space automatically too! use this link as the referral:

    Ahhh.. thanks this post reminded me to log into SkyDrive and claim my free upgrade to 25GB Noooice !!!
    Cannot be a**'ed playing Dropbox 20 questions games though for 1GB... happy with my 3GB from the recent Photo Upload trials... also found via LH :)

    It's way harder than last year. Someone put together a complete guide here that helped me out though:

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