Dealhacker: Discount Gift Cards At Woolworths

Another gift card discount: from today until May 8, Woolworths has 20 per cent off gift cards for cinema chain Hoyts, magazine seller iSubscribe, and retailers Dusk and Andrenalin..

Unlike the Good Guys discount we highlighted earlier this week, these gift cards won't help you score consumer electronics for less. However, the movies option could be a good way to score cheaper admission to films, and the others might be useful to keep on hand for emergency gift-giving.

Woolworths [via OzBargain]


    The problem with the Hoyts deal is 20% off a billion dollars is still 80% of a billion dollars. Qlders

      ...should just go to the Cineplex chain.

    There are plenty of better ways to get movie discounts. 20% is nothing. For any of the big chains, if you're paying more than $11, you're getting ripped off. And of course, if you go to a smaller chain (like Cineplex), you can go even cheaper.

      If your going to criticize a deal by saying that, at least have the decency to share your method for getting ~40% off

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