Dealhacker: ALDI Remote Control Power Outlet

Not everyone needs a remote control power outlet, but it could be a useful option for the elderly or others with limited mobility who want to be able to easily switch off devices without accessing a power outlet or dealing with a fiddly switch. At $24.95 for four outlets and one remote, it's about half the price these sell for usually. On sale from Saturday at ALDI (the usual get-in-early-if-you're-keen rules apply). [ALDI]


    I have a set and they're great - I hate using ceiling lights, so these allow me to have a comprehensive mood lighting setup without having to climb over furniture to switch everything on.

    These seem like an eminently hackable solution too, without worrying about getting your arduino anywhere near mains wiring.

    whats with all the 4chan?

    So they're RF controlled, as opposed to infrared? I assume so, since it says "for difficult to reach electronic devices", although it's not explicitly stated anywhere...

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