Dealhacker: ALDI Organising Gear Sale

The theme of tomorrow's ALDI "special purchases" is organising, with shoe racks, under-bed storage, coat hangers and more. There are some bargains to be had, but I'd be shopping around and checking the specifications carefully.

To pick two examples: a pack of 10 plastic clothes hangers for $3.99 seems pretty good, but it's not hard to track down a 40 or 50 pack for $10 (try Bunnings and Spotlight for starters). There's an IKEA-looking set of storage cube shelves for $79.99, but the entire shelf measures 106 centimetres high by 86 centimetres wide. A similarly-sized basic Billy bookcase is only $59.99, so that deal only makes sense if you really do want all the individual compartments.



    I know the coat hangers are cheaper else where, but the quality is usually just as good and these ones seem to have some extra spots to hang other items...

    The storage cube could be handy for those of us without an IKEA nearby.

    Anyone know if vinyl records will fit in the cube thingy

      I'm guessing the cubes are round 20cm by 20cm. Width divide by 4 take off 10mm for the side walls. My vinyls are around 32cm in their cardboard sleeves. Good idea but need bigger cubes,

      You probably already know this, but vinyl records fit perfectly in an Ikea Expedit. As Labrys says, an Expedit is only $10 more. And IMO, if you want a cube shelf unit, an Expedit is a much better than this Aldi thing.

    Better comparison is against the Expedit shelves. They're only $10 more. Slightly different sizing and configuration though.

    At 106cm high and 5 columns each cube would be about 20cm high. I think that would be to small for your average size vinyl record and sleeve.

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