Dealhacker: 40% Off Amaysim Unlimited

Amaysim's Unlimited Plan is good value even at the full $39.90 price, but right now there's a sale which offers 40 per cent off the first month for new orders. Just enter the code UNL0540 at checkout. The deal runs until May 24. [Amaysim]


    well thats not fair... i want to go to amaysim but I can't atm cuz telstra won't release me from their contract which runs out in august.

      You can pay out your contract with Telstra

        That would be good if they weren't going to charge me $50 just to get out of the last 2.5 months of my contract making it cost me more money than it would be to stay until its finished.

          I'm in the same situation stuck with Optus... Never gonna sign a 2yr contract ever again!

    I'm an Amaysim user and their biggest fan but I'm tempted by this deal:

    Pretty much the same deal as Amaysim (actually, more data)for $365 for the year but includes a handset which retails at the $100-150 mark.

    If I break/lose existing handset I'm going to go for it...

      Runs on Vodafone, will suck balls

    Dont got with redbull mobile, they use the voda network, horrible. not sure which Amaysim use,

      Nothing wrong with the Vodafone network these days. I've been with Vodafone for years, and never had network problems in Sydney or elsewhere. The Redbull deal is over $100 pa cheaper, so well worth considering. When my contract with Vodafone runs out in September, I will look at it again.

    Order or activate your amaysim SIM card online today to get 40% off your *first* amaysim UNLIMITED order. So it is just a saving of $16 on the first month and after that you will keep paying $40 per month as any other. Just letting others know if they think it is forever.

      Yeah, not a huge discount in the scheme of things, but it's worth getting on Amaysim anyway, I swapped from Voda a couple of months ago and haven't looked back.

    Looks like a good deal but I'm confused about their data. Just contacted them to check but not sure I was clear, so wondering if any existing users could help?

    The 4GB included data is measured in 1MB increments, so if I simply refresh the weather on my phone will that be 1MB gone? Pretty sure my current provider measures only in KB.

    There is a new amaysim 40% off sale:

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