Dealhacker: 25% Off iTunes At JB Hi-Fi And Dick Smith

We pointed out earlier today that 25 per cent off deals for iTunes come along like clockwork, and here are two more, albeit ones you'll need to pounce on quickly.

Between 7pm and 8pm tonight (Thursday May 24), Dick Smith is selling $100 iTunes cards for $75 on its site (with free delivery). I suspect it will be quite hard to get on the site during that hour, but it's a good saving.

In the physical world, JB Hi-Fi is selling a pair of $20 iTunes cards for $30 today only, and only in its stores.

Dick Smith [via OzBargain]

[JB Hi-Fi via OzBargain]


    In what world do we live in where you think stating it's not news, andthen posting something purporting to be news? A you a journalist or a shill?

      i don't understand you

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    any way to get these to not show up in the "you may also like" box? (sorry- Related Stories) as they are useless once the time frame is passed.

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