D-TUBE-IT Squeezes Every Last Drop Out Of Tubes

It's a familiar problem: a tube of toothpaste (or similar) with a large proportion stuck in the end that's too hard to remove. D-TUBE-IT is an Australian invention that does a good job of ensuring you get full value for money.

To use D-TUBE-IT, you simply clamp the relevant tube inside the frame, and then use that to squeeze the contents from the tube rather than your fingers. The end result is you really can squeeze everything out, as this photo shows:

I can recall similar key-shaped devices designed to attach to toothpaste tubes when I was a child, but they only really worked on the lower half of the tube. Having played around with it for a few weeks, this does an excellent job of pushing out the entire contents.

You might not bother with a tube of toothpaste, but for more expensive medications or creams, the investment would definitely be worth it. You can buy online in a five pack for $34.50 including postage, or pick them up at a handful of retail locations in Queensland.



    Is today "Let's Reinvent Mediocre 1950's Products Day?" My Grandma had half a dozen similar toothpaste squeezing products. Add that to the "Stake Tongs" Adam Dachis bothered us with this morning and I'm starting to wonder what you guys are on. Did you discover a stash of old Women's Weekly's?

    I had an eerily similar device about 5 yrs ago.... 2 batteries connected with 2 elastic bands, put the paste between them and squish it up!

    you can get the same effect by sliding the tube around a sharp corner.

      Exactly. Just squash the tube between your palm and the edge of the sink.


    I just cut the tube in half with scissors. Makes it very easy to get the remainder out

    Erm, nothing new here. I had a similar gadget called a Tube Wringer, over 25 years ago.

    The guy doing the commentary is as wooden as a wooden thing!

    Tube rollers equivalent to this regularly on sale on the meritline.com daily deals page for $0.59 delivered.

    I use my deoderant can as a rolling pin to squeeze my toothpaste up to the end.

    I use the corner of a bench. If it has a 90 degree angle, it works perfectly fine. And better yet, my bathroom has just such a corner in it.

    You know your a tight arse, when you own one of these.

    Bought a D-Tube-It at the Gympie Qld Show last weekend and it works great. It is a new Hi- Tech invention of an old idea. The family bought 3 more the next day. Get with it . Don't live in the past.

    I agree you can use ur palm and the edge of the sink. But inventions are supposed to make life become easier so why you have to do that in a hard way when you have a tube squeezer? It's just like you use candles instead of using a light bulb LOL. In my opinion, I think this invention is good, especially for old people.

    "Infringement will cause action at law" - whoever wrote their copyright/patent boilerplate was ALL over it!

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