D-TUBE-IT Squeezes Every Last Drop Out Of Tubes

D-TUBE-IT Squeezes Every Last Drop Out Of Tubes

It’s a familiar problem: a tube of toothpaste (or similar) with a large proportion stuck in the end that’s too hard to remove. D-TUBE-IT is an Australian invention that does a good job of ensuring you get full value for money.

To use D-TUBE-IT, you simply clamp the relevant tube inside the frame, and then use that to squeeze the contents from the tube rather than your fingers. The end result is you really can squeeze everything out, as this photo shows:

I can recall similar key-shaped devices designed to attach to toothpaste tubes when I was a child, but they only really worked on the lower half of the tube. Having played around with it for a few weeks, this does an excellent job of pushing out the entire contents.

You might not bother with a tube of toothpaste, but for more expensive medications or creams, the investment would definitely be worth it. You can buy online in a five pack for $34.50 including postage, or pick them up at a handful of retail locations in Queensland.



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