Crust Pizza App Now Available On Android

Gourmet pizza chain Crust has gotten round to putting together an Android app, which it released this Thursday. iOS users, who already had access to the app, got something too — an UI-focused update — though the improvements are not all good.

Both the iOS and Android Crust apps allow you to order pizzas for delivery or pick-up from your local store, or simply browse the menu for tasty options (I am addicted to Crust's Peri Peri chicken). While Android users don't have an older version with which to compare the UI improvements, I can say it's cleaner and more professional-looking than the previous incarnation, but comes at the cost of functionality.

You can no longer browse the Crust menu without logging in or selecting the option of delivery or pick-up. If the store you pick is closed (as they all are early in the day), you can't look at the menu at all. In this regard, it's worse than the previous version. When you can access the menu, it's nice to have the kilojoule rating next to each pizza — a significant omission from the older app.

Yes, it's easy enough just to hit up the Crust website and browse the menu there, but it feels backwards to make it harder to access what was once a basic feature.

Give it a try (though maybe later today when you can actual use it properly) and let us know what you think.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar [Google Play, via Ausdroid]


    Generally I prefer to phone Crusts. They are the Nandos of pizzas in terms of quality and taste so are in my contact list. A few seconds to say your phone number, order and "use the card on file" and the pizza is at your door in 30 or so minutes. Don't need an app for that.

    Good pizza's but $20 for a 12 inch and they shut at 10 p.m..

    says its not compatible with my SG2... pfft.

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