Cordlets Shorten Cables And Attach Them To Your Desk For Seamless Organisation

It's one thing to attach cables to your desk for easy access and mild organisation, but it's another to make sure they're the right length and stay where they're supposed to be. Cordlets solve both of these problems by providing an easy grip for your cables and a small neck that you can use to wrap them, keeping them as short or as long as you want.

If you're familiar with the many little cable hacks available out there, Cordlets are like a Cable Drop and an Apple Core rolled into one. They serve both purposes admirably and cost about $US2.50 each. It's a really great idea, but some online reviews suggest the adhesive that comes with each Cordlet doesn't work very well. If you decide to give this product a try, you might want to have some tougher, stickier stuff on hand as well.

Cordlets ($US10 for 4) [Quirky]


    Cue comments on the evil of bending cords....

    I'm surprised that Lifehacker, of all websites, hasn't realised you can achieve basically the same effect with the trusty binder clip (granted, you need a place to attach them, but aside from that they do the same job). I have like four of these on my desk at home to both shorten cables and keep them in the right place...

    According to the reviews on the website these cordlets have very poor adhesive. Such a shame as they're a great idea.

    I assumed from the picture on the main page that they were suction-cupped on. Why glue things to your desk like that?

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