Chrome Now Syncs Open Tabs Across Devices

Google Chrome now keeps all of your opened tabs in sync across your desktop, laptop and Android device (if it's running Ice Cream Sandwich and has Chrome for Android installed). You never have to worry about leaving a web page behind.

Google first introduced open tab syncing on the Beta channel, but now the feature is here in the stable release (Chrome version 19).

The syncing also includes back and forward history for your open tabs, so you can move from one computer to another and pick up where you left off.

The tab syncing is rolling out gradually. When it gets to you, you'll find the option under Chrome Settings > Advanced sync settings. Update to Chrome version 19 (go to About Google Chrome to push the update) so you'll get the feature soon.

Keeping tabs on your tabs [Google Chrome]


    No, its not there on my Windows 7, Chrome v19.0.1084.46. There are plenty of options under the Chrome Settings > Advanced sync settings but nothing about syncing tabs. Am I missing something?

      Yeah, the part where it says 'tab sync is rolling out gradually'. :P

    Bahah I was looking all over for it as well.

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