Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

We’ve covered many mouse traps over the years, but they all need to be reset once you’ve caught a mouse. This means if you have lots of furry intruders you’ll need to have several traps or just build this version using a bucket, a soft drink can, a small piece of wood and a wooden dowel.

Bucket repurpose weblog 5-Gallon Ideas offers this design for a self-resetting mouse trap that can be either lethal or no-kill: Drill holes on opposite sides of the bucket and in the two flat sides of the can. Insert the dowel through the bucket and can holes. Bait the trap by adding peanut butter to the beverage can and add a ramp for the mice to climb to the edge of the bucket.

If you want to kill the mice add a few inches of water at the bottom. If you don’t add the water the live mice won’t be able to climb out and you can relocate them at your leisure.

Self-Resetting Mouse Trap [Five-Gallon Ideas]


  • Heh, if you’ve got a need to catch that many rodents, I’m thinking catch and release isn’t a top priority..!
    Hang ’em on little gallows around the house as a warning to all the other little varmints out there….
    Bloody good idea though, might rig something up myself 🙂

  • Why release mice? the moment you release them they come back into your house.

    Anyways, a factory i used to work at used this method and it used to catch on average about 5 mice a night, so i can vouch that this method does indeed work.

    • You could always release them into the house of someone you don’t like. Though I advise against that trick, especially if you’re particularly self-loathing.

  • When I lived through a Mouse Plague in Horsham in 1985-1986 similar to this design won the “build a better mouse trap” competition – but the design was even more simplified; Just nail the plank to the side of the bucket, fill with water, and throw in a scrap of food straight into the water – no drilling or can or peanut butter. The mice just jump into the bucket to get the food scraps and drown. We stopped counting after we caught 81 mice in one night.

  • The “here’s some dead drowned mice we prepared earlier” adds a charming touch to the photo 😀
    I’ve seen a simliar thing used in NZ to deal with possums. On a larger scale using a 44.

  • This is a great idea. Told the old man about it this morning since we have a problem with rodents eating our vegetables (mainly the beetroot) so we’re gonna give this a shot I reckon.

    Wouldn’t have to go to this level of control if the bloke over the back maintained his chicken coop better so the rats & mice don’t get in it and have a lovely time multiplying >.<

  • Maybe it’s my minecraft addiction talking, but I am thinking sustainable mouse grinder. A system which fills with rainwater, empties through a solar powered mechanized trap door, drops the dead mice and water into a worm farm, churns out compost onto a conveyor which fertilizes the crop used to attract the mice. Kind of like the board-game mousetrap, only satanic.

  • Good trap, but ‘self resetting’ is definitely a misnomer – self resetting would imply that the trap disposes of mice and re-peanut butters itself as required.

    A continual mouse trap, perhaps; but not self-resetting.

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