Binreader Streams Your Usenet Videos Before They Have Even Finished Downloading

Binreader Streams Your Usenet Videos Before They Have Even Finished Downloading

Windows/Mac/Linux: We’ve talked about how great Usenet is for sharing files, and hoq you can do a lot of advanced stuff with it — but if all you want is to download videos and watch them as soon as possible, Binreader can stream them to your monitor or UPnP-capable TV before they’re even finished.

Binreader isn’t nearly as powerful as something like SABnzbd, but it’s dead simple to use. Just start it up, add your Usenet provider credentials in the Settings and start adding NZBs. If they contain video files, you’ll be able to preview them in a few minutes and stream them as they download. You can use the bundled MPlayer to stream, or another video player of your choice. You can even stream videos to a UPnP-compatible or DLNA-compatible TV. It’s perfect for those times you’re too impatient to wait for a video to finish downloading.

Binreader is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as QNAP and Synology NAS devices.

Binreader [via One Thing Well]


  • XBMC on the old Xbox was great for this. I would queue up my downloads to a shared folder in the office (make sure to set the .rar file as the first one), wait a few minutes to “buffer” and away you go.

    You can still sort of do this with the windows version of XBMC, you just have to start the extraction of the file.

  • This works great for sending partial movies to my jailbroken ATV2 in the other room.

    I use send2xbmc, which essentially allows me to right click any partial download from binreader and send it directly to XBMC.

    Just edit the send2xbmc.ini and change the first line to “XboxIP=x.x.x.x:8080” (with the X’s representing your apple tv’s local ip)

    Add send2xbmc to the right click menu by creating a shortcut to
    [PATH]\send2xbmc\send2xbmc.exe /shellext

    Also make sure you have web control via http enabled in XBMC!

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