Bag Gardens Help You Start Gardening Even If You Have Poor Soil

Bag Gardens Help You Start Gardening Even If You Have Poor Soil
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The backyard garden is in vogue right now. If you’d like to grow a few veggies yourself but your backyard soil isn’t conducive to keep anything other than crabgrass alive you can start your urban homesteading efforts with a bag garden. This will give you immediate results now and help build your soil for next year.

Homesteading magazine Mother Earth News offers a great way to establish a garden in an area with poor soil. Buy bags of potting soil and cut open the top side, leaving enough plastic on the sides to keep the bag together. You can plant many types of seeds directly in the 8-9cm of potting soil and most will have plenty of room to grow to maturity, but I’d avoid carrots. Lettuces, spinach and radishes will do very well.

If you place your garden beds in the area where you’d eventually like to have a permanent garden you’ll build good soil by mixing the original potting soil with compost.

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  • No mention of price, not even in US dollars..? This is fine if you are a hobby gardener, but if you are using this as a way to supplement your shopping, it needs to be quite cheap given the cost of veg these days.

  • I don’t think it matters what brand you buy. Just get a bag of potting mix from loud local Bunnings store. I’ve been looking for ideas for my cubs scouts to garden cheaply without a garden bed, and this looks like the perfect option.

  • Wow this is an excellent idea!

    They talk about potting soil, not potting mix. My local Growers’ Market (fruit & veg emporium) has bags of both potting soil and potting mix, which they sell for something like 3x 7kg bags for $16. The bog chains might price gouge a bit, however. I prefer to support a local small business.

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