Aussies Learning To Say No To Always-On Work Technology

Mobile devices mean we can work anywhere and anytime, but that doesn't mean that's in any way a good idea. A new survey suggests that we're gradually recognising this, with fewer of us checking our emails at home or working regularly outside the office.

Picture by Anthony Easton

A survey of 504 Australians by HR provider Northgate Arsiono found that 46 per cent regularly checked emails at home. When the same survey was conducted last year, the figure was 46 per cent.

Similarly, 37 per cent thought technology made it easier to work from home, compared to 52 per cent last year. Flexible working arrangements can both improve and hinder work/life balance, and it seems we're tipping gradually towards "hinder"; 62 per cent of Australians thought technology improved work-life balance, compared to 73 per cent last year. And the top choice for workplace benefits? Flexible work hours.


    I turned off my Exchange email from work and have found it quite pleasant.

    I am no statistician but surely 500 people is a very small subset, one which could be heavily swayed.

    I'm not convinced that 46% to 46% is actually a decrease...

      @Shep - I did the maths for this, and checked my working, I think you're on to something here.

    With a 0% decrease, it almost appears that Aussies are not learning anything...

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