Apple Is Australia’s Most Reputable Brand, But How Did Australia Post Come Second?

Apple Is Australia’s Most Reputable Brand, But How Did Australia Post Come Second?

It’s no surprise that Apple has topped an index of Australia’s most reputable brands — it’s a highly-regarded company with massive market share. But how on earth did Australia Post come second?

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The AMR 2012 Corporate Reputation Index, which is based on a survey of 5,924 Australians, ranks companies across seven metrics. Apple was the top scorer overall, followed by Australia Post and JB Hi-Fi. Further down the list, Telstra jumped from 60 to 45, while Qantas dropped from 7 to 25, a move that almost certainly reflects its industrial woes late last year. Woolworths was the top-ranked supermarket brand, followed by ALDI then Coles (albeit in the guise of owner Wesfarmers).

Brand value is a weird and nebulous thing, but I do find Australia Post’s prominence interesting. The inability of the postal service to effectively deliver parcels has been a constant source of irritation around these parts.

Here’s the full top 30:

1 Apple Australia
2 Australia Post
4 Toyota Motor Corporation
5 Nestle Australia
6 Virgin Australia
7 GM Holden
8 ING Direct
9 Myer
10 Mazda Australia
11 Air New Zealand
12 The Good Guys
13 Woolworths/Safeway
14 David Jones
15 Nissan Australia
16 Hewlett-Packard Australia
17 ALDI Australia
18 BlueScope Steel
19 IBM Australia
20 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
21 Coca-Cola Amatil
22 Medibank Private
23 Suncorp-Metway
24 Wesfarmers
25 Qantas Airways
26 Lion Nathan National Foods
27 BHP Billiton
28 Harvey Norman
29 Foxtel
30 Westfield Group

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  • I call bullshit on the whole list. I can deal with apple being first, but Woolworths, Harvey Norman. It almost reads as a list of brand recognition, not reputation.

  • I have had no problems with Australia Post. I have been ordering things online for years now, and not one package/parcel has been failed to be delivered to me. Their redirect service is good, their employees occasionally seem a little depressed at the office, but they still perform what I request (including passport photos, money orders, address queries) or give advice if they can’t do it.

    I understand this is simple my own account and not a conclusive summary of their entire performance, but I still think you’re giving them a bit a of a hard wrap with your surprise that they’re up there on the list.

    • Agreed, AusPost is fantastic compared to the postal services of many other countries. I’ve found them to be fast, reasonably priced and reliable for both urban and rural deliveries, in a challenging service environment (i.e. HUGE country with a widely distributed population).

      The Post Shops are another matter – seemingly accumulating surly and unhelpful staff with no concept of customer service – but in all honesty they probably deal with some of the stupidest and least capable members of society on an hourly basis, so I’m willing to cut them a little slack.

  • My “local” post office has the wonderful opening hours of 830-5 and aren’t open on a Saturday.

    So you know, next to impossible to pick anything up if you have a job.

    I use “local” as there is another post office a five minute walk from my house, which has sociable operating hours. But for some unknown reason none of my packages ever get delivered there.

    • Ha! You’ve got it good! My postoffice is 9-5 Mon-Fri… That, AND they can’t seem to locate my mailbox, even with instructions clearly printed on the letter, so I have to collect my mail from the homewares shop where it ends up while they’re open on a Saturday… Worst. Postal Service. Ever.

      • As someone who works in a post office, i can safely say that the post office itself has nothing to do with actual mail delivery, thats all handled by posties coming from the nearest sorting/delivery center.
        We constantly cop flak for the crappy delivery, and i completely agree, half the posties are blind.

  • Yeah this list has to be about brand recognition rather than brand reputation. Some of these companies are shocking and Apple #1 on reputation wtf? Tell em they’re dreamin’

  • Digging the hubris in some of the comments here. This is the result of a survey of 60,000 people, not “A list of the brands most reputable with geeks”. Fury, Thom, why would you assume that your personal experience is indicative of what the rest of the country experiences?

  • 1 Apple Australia – Really?
    2 Australia Post – Really?
    5 Nestle Australia – Really?
    12 The Good Guys – Really?
    13 Woolworths/Safeway – Really?
    24 Wesfarmers – Really?
    25 Qantas Airways – Really?
    28 Harvey Norman – Really?
    29 Foxtel – Really?
    30 Westfield Group – Really?

    who the hell did they interview?

  • Maybe there’s something to this Apple bit. Half of the people I know love Apple, and the other half hate those who love Apple (claiming their smug behaviour and such) and don’t have much to say about the products themselves (unless they’re watching the patent wars unfold in the courts)

    I think people “trust” these stores, because when they walk in, people are polite to them. Most people aren’t furniture experts, or know the difference between plasma and LCD, so if price checking on the Internet is something they can’t do, they’re more likely to trust the advice of one or a small handful, instead of people on dedicated forums or tech / furniture / whitegoods review sites

  • geez.. c’mon guys this is simple marketing to work out whats happening…

    Good brands do this via strong brand equity…
    •Easier to attract new customers
    •Resist competitive activity
    •Introduce line extensions
    •Global expansion
    Cost Advantages:
    •Channel leverage
    •Lower advertising / sales ratios
    Sustainable Pricing:
    •Greater loyalty
    •Premium pricing / lower price elasticity

    Brand identity —> Brand Image —> Brand Equity (as outlined above)

  • I’m surprised Aus Post came even close to second, considering they charge me nearly 10 times more to post something less than 10% thicker than an envelope.

    Highway freaking robbery.

    • The prices on postage are set by the government sadly.
      10 times more? highly unlikely.
      standard letter size up to 50grams is 60 cents, any bigger dimensions wise up within the large letter gauge (2cm high and a good 10cm width) to 125grams is $1.20

  • It once took Australia Post 6 months to work out which post code I should use (we went through 3 on their advice) in the Melbourne inner city area. That kind of stuff combined with missing packages/overcharging makes me believe 60,000 people just listed the company’s they knew in some sort of order.

  • JB Hi Fi is so dodgy. I bought a 500GB hard drive from there that was nowhere near 500GB, a couple of CDs I bought from there had cracks in the cases underneath the price tag and when was looking at laptops the salesperson kept trying to make me buy Apple even though I told them I didn’t want to use Apple.

  • I think Apple have brainwashed their fanboys and girls to such an extent that they refuse to hear a bad word against their church, ooops, I meant favourite computer manufacturer.

  • Seriously Auspost. At least 1/4 the mail I send and ‘receive’ goes missing. On the phone to them now actually, wondering why a letter I mailed to someone a few suburbs over hasn’t been seen for 3 weeks.

  • Most of my friends have and use products from most of the top 10. Most of the top 10 brands are pretty good from my point of view. Some of the more popular ones, like Aldi and Hewlett Packard may be highly used and very popular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a good reputation.

    Australia Post being on second? I think it should be a lot further down. Just because it’s popular (nearly everyone uses it to send their mail) it doesn’t mean it’s a good service or brand to use.

    Also, there should be some smaller companies on here, like eStore (a.k.a. City Software) and Officeworks. It’s not surprising that Apple was #1, though.

  • Australia Post is great, mail is fast and prompt never lost an item, and is one of the best Postal Systems in the world, if you think Aus Post is bad maybe you should goto the US or some other country and check theres out, Aus Post is doing a great job and is defiantly alot better than alot of courier systems.

  • Well I agree with Australia Post being second. They are one of the better postal services in the world. Their delivery times are in a lot of cases faster than others in the world. The lost post postage is around .0001% of total posted

    • There is no real competitor because it is unprofitable to deliver mail in Australia. I say mail as opposed to parcels and there are plenty of competitors for parcels. Go on, invest billions of dollars to start up a mail competitor for no real return. There are no deals. Australia post is there correcting market failure for YOUR benefit. Fool.

  • Australia Post has been ranked in the top 5 for at least the past 15 years, including several #1, because of its strong reputation in the business community and excellent performance in the B2C segment- better than 95% ontime nationally. AusPost is among the best world postal services, highly regarded internationally and domestically. Note that Post is still a government business, and hasn’t been sold off. It’s a valuable business in the government portfolio.

    • I have to agree, I have never EVER had an issue with Aust. Post, private couriers on the other hand have let me down form time to time.

      They should sell it and make a motza! Internet shipping is booming for the company!

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