Amaysim Cuts Prepaid Call Rates

Amaysim's pay-as-you-go call rates were already fairly low at 15 cents per minute with no flagfall, but now they're a little cheaper. The standard per-minute rate for all Amaysim As You Go customers has dropped to 12 cents per minute from today, and some international call rates have also fallen.

Other rates (for SMS and data) haven't changed. The international call rate cuts impact 30 countries (and also apply to postpaid customers); you can see a full list here. If you're after a prepaid plan and you're happy with the Optus network, it's worth considering.


    Awesome! Although it's a little odd that it's now cheaper to call most of Europe/North America than a local number.

    What is their billing increment? 1sec, 30sec or 1min?

      /minute increments

    From the website: "Data usage calculated in 1MB increments per session." Oh dear. Their call costs might be getting more competitive but data certainly ain't.

    i think tis is the best service & service help ive had in years

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